April 19, 2021


The Treasurer is the collector of property and mobile home taxes. The Treasurer has the duty to receipt in all money belonging to the county from various sources (fines, taxes, etc.).  The Treasurer is responsible for investments, property assessment freezes, issuing motor vehicle registrations, licenses, duplicate titles, noting and releasing liens, along with reporting them to the SD Dept. of Motor Vehicles. http://dor.sd.gov/Motor_Vehicles/

To determine your registration fees for your vehicle: https://dor.sd.gov/Motor_Vehicles/Fees/Titling_and_Registration.aspx

Property Tax 101 Information: https://dor.sd.gov/media/oeqheqmi/2021-2_property-tax-101.pdf

Mark Moen

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*To reach the drivers licensing division call: 1-800-952-3696