May 22, 2024

Community Health Nurse

Department of Health
10 East Hickory Street
Sisseton, SD 57262

Community Health Services – (605) 698-4183

Services Provided: Growth and Development Screening with Education, Immunizations, Screening for Glucose, Blood Pressure, Vision, Hearing, Hemoglobin, Baby Care (information, guidance and office services for pregnant women), and School Health

WIC – (605) 698-4183

Services Provided: Nutrition Education, Supplement Food and NUtrition

Disease Intervention, HIV/AIDS and STD Counseling & Testing

1-866-817-4090 or (605) 882-5096 or (605) 882-5097

Local Staff

Heather Adair, RN

Sarah Magnuson, RN

Sara Braskamp, Registered Dietitian

Niki Easterby

Jeanne Huber